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  • Mun and Muse are both 18+
  • Danny Matheson is from NBC Revolution but he plays in other verses e.g. The Walking Dead
  • Will RP in Para, Short, gif chat, novella etc.
  • Mun has 2+ year RP experience
  • Is OC friendly
  • Has Kik and Skype for OOC chats or  Roleplays
  • Will RP with anyone
  • Active



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[text] I might be pregnant



[text] What boy do I need to kill for touching my daughter?


"Nope," Layla said. She let out a loud sigh. "Besides these clothes are pretty comfortable anyway."

"You are like the laziest shit you know that?"

"Sir, theres been an accident"





"Find them," Monroe demanded.

"I have people looking, I came here to watch you and make sure you are ok"




"Yeah true, but it can continue without him"

"You sound so sure of that.  I’ve never been without him.”

"Yeah you haven’t, so nows your chance to be independent"




"You are  a leader, You are President Sebastian Monroe of the Monroe Republic"

"There wouldn’t be a Monroe Republic without General Matheson."

"Yeah true, but it can continue without him"



It’s not like a proper hiatus, its just my exams. I am increasingly aware that they are coming closer and closer and I am literally doing nothing. This won’t effect many people but for the rest this week until Monday (monday being the last day) I wont be coming online till around 7/8pm GMT so I can spend the day working and doing stuff and then just chill out in the evening.

I am then back at school until the 9th of May which is my last day.Until then I probably wont be coming on until earliest 9pm because once I get back from school I will have work to do.

My exams then go from the 12th of May through to the 13th of June around that time I will probably go back to only being on here fro 7/8pm onwards and maybe some days ill be around during the day.

BUT THEN ON JUNE 13TH AT 11:45 ISH I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the whole summer (minus a couple of dates) 

This really sucks for me as y’all know how much I love coming on here and just chilling all day, the next couple months will be stressful and difficult for me mentally so I hope you all understand



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